As always, we’ve picked the best pet candles that are cat-friendly, great for neutralizing pet odors and also make awesome gifts to your cat obsessed friends! All the candles that made the list feature soy based natural scents (with one exception), are hand-poured, and made in the USA. They also source almost all their ingredients and glass jars locally too. So when you purchase these pet candles you are supporting American owned businesses and in some cases animal rescue projects as well.

As a reminder, with any type of candle, fire safety is paramount. Always supervise candles when they are in use and also keep them away from pets, children, and flammable objects.

1. Cutest Jar And Packaging: Cat Paw Scented Candle By Pinnacle Brands

This small sized 6 oz, 3.5 inch tall candle has a burning time of around 25 hours and is available in 3 scents: Sandalwood Jasmine, Lavender Vanilla and Rose. All 3 smell good but our top pick is Lavender Vanilla followed by Rose. The candle lid is really cute and well made but do note that the actual cat paw itself is not as clear as the one in the product images. Definitely a keeper long after the candle has been used up.

The box is also attractively packaged and so this makes it a great gift for younger cat lovers. However, if you’re looking for longer burning candles with better quality aromas, check out the others candles we recommend on this list. US$ 16.99 per candle, available on Amazon at the link here.

2. Best For Long Lasting Pet Odor Elimination: Pet’s Favorite Candle

This pet odor candle is 100% free of phtalates, parabens and dyes, plus it has an organic cotton wick, making it extremely pet friendly! It has also been proven to work effectively on eliminating pet odors and has a whopping 70 hour burn-life (12 oz). You get to choose between 5 premium scents that are Clean Laundry, Calming Lavender, French Vanilla, Lemon Zest and Pumpkin Spice!

The scents are light and easy (not overpowering) and work well even in well-ventilated rooms. If you’re not sure which one you want to try, give Calming Lavender or Clean Laundry a go for starters. Buy 1 for US$ 14.99 or get a 2 pack which goes for US$ 28.99 plus free shipping (USA) on Amazon at the link here.

3. Best For Supporting A Good Cause: Lulu Apple Cinnamon Furr-A-Cause Candle

Lulu candles are renowned for their quality ingredients and luxurious fragrances. This small sized 6 oz (25 hour) candle packs a very pleasant medium to strong apple cinnamon (cidery) scent which belies it size. The odor elimination aspect works well too. So if you’re tired of candles that are too lightly scented, get this one. With each purchase, Lulu donates US$ 3 to animal rescue groups (mainly dog rescue). Their Lavender Musk candle also contributes to these initiatives. Although not the best value for money since you’re essentially donating part of your purchase, it’s still reasonably priced though at US $14.99. Just pick up 2 candles to enjoy free shipping, available here on Amazon.

Check out more info on their dog rescue initiatives at their own website here.

4. Best Luxury/Valentine’s Day Gift: Sand and Paws Goji Berry Candle

Everything about this large sized 12 oz candle screams premium luxury, from the lovely painted wooden lid to its beautiful pink candle color encased in frosted glass. The unique goji berry scent is pleasant and not too overpowering too. With an estimated burn time of 70 hours (it has 3 wicks so you can choose the intensity), this candle is the most expensive on this list by far at US$ 32.99. It will make a unique and memorable gift for your cat loving friends and even a perfect Valentine’s Day present for your significant other! Just make sure you get your order in early because they only produce in small batches and stocks are limited at the time of writing.

Available here on Amazon and check out their Instagram page here.

5. Best Fresh Scent – Cedar Crate Market’s Namast’ay Home with My Cat Candle

Cedar Crate Market is a small community of creative artists based near Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. Like all their candles, this one is also 100% made in USA including the glass jar. The candle is hand poured and uses only natural ingredients. Launching towards the end of 2019, the name of the candle Namast’ay (a pun on the Indian greeting Namaste) was pretty prescient considering the global pandemic that followed soon after. Namaste is of course a non-contact greeting and I’m sure many of us can relate to ‘Imma stay home with my cat’ as the events of the past year unfolded. 10 oz is considered medium to large sized and will give you 45-55 hours of burn time. The packaging design is nice and well executed and it comes in a gift box. While it still makes a lovely gift, externally it’s not as outstanding as some of the other candles on this list. However the light, clean and fresh scent is totally worth it. Available here on Amazon for US$ 23.95

6. Best Scent Options For Odor Elimination: One Fur All Pet House Candle

Each jar has 8.5 oz of candle wax which translates to roughly 60 hours of burn time. Choose from so many different aroma options that we won’t even bother listing them here. There are over 20 different unique scents and we have not even managed to test half of them yet! The smells are light and not overpowering, so just pick any that you like and try them out. The magic is when your pet odors just seem to disappear. These candles are very effective in that respect, as is expected for premium candles like these. Their quality and natural ingredients are top notch as well.

And the jar – it’s beautiful! It has a glass lid and you definitely want to clean it out and repurpose it after use. Overall, at US$ 21.95 for a single and US$ 39.99 for a twin pack plus free shipping, these are definitely pricey, but totally worth it. Available here on Amazon.

7. Best Value Pack – Pet Odor Exterminator Candle By Specialty Pet Products

This pet candle has a pleasant non-overpowering vanilla scent that smells natural and really works to remove pet odors. For a 2 pack that is 13 oz each, this is one of the best value candles out there. Does it have any downsides? Well, there’s only 2 minor ones, if you can even consider them downsides. The base is made out of a combination of soy and paraffin. Paraffin is generally considered slightly inferior to soy as it is less dense and thus burns quicker. However as a direct result of this factor, it’s scent throw is slightly better than soy. The second issue is that packaging is pretty unattractive to us (as though on purpose to emphasize it’s budget status). Hardly a deal breaker if you’re looking for practicality and value. The twin pack is available here on Amazon for US$ 21.93.

8. Best For Cat People Humor – Whisky River’s Cat People Candle

My cat has an Instagram? Check. Lint rollers in the car? Yup. Dog people suck? LOL. This gift will definitely elicit plenty of chuckles upon closer inspection. If you’re familiar with Whisky River Soap Co’s other products, then you’ve already had a taste of their humor. On a serious note, the packaging looks great and the mild milky vanilla scent is pleasant and addictive. It’s an extra large sized candle, and at a whopping 17 oz, double wick burning it is estimated to still give you 60 hours of use. For the price, this candle is very good value for money. They sell a version for dog people, but this brand of humor has a unique resonance with feline personality traits. Sorry, dog lovers! (You guys are awesome too, of course…) Available here on Amazon for US$ 21.50.

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