our story


Before we adopted Dolce, Duckie and Coco I was an active volunteer at a local animal shelter. At the same time I used to collect all kinds of stuff (books, cards, comics, watches etc. etc.), although I have reformed a little and have tried to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle nowadays. After 7 years of marriage we finally welcomed our twin boys in 2018 and now I can relax a little, knowing I have not one but two kids who will inherit my things.      

This blog is where I share my passion for the best cat-related collectibles that are definitely worth passing down to a next generation of cat lovers. If you’re just looking for a gift to buy a cat lover, you’ve still come to the right place!

*This website is also dedicated to Duckie and Dolce who both passed away recently on 21 Sept and 29 Dec 2020 respectively. They will be missed and loved always.

Lastly. Cats&Collectibles is a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Program, designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to Amazon products, at no cost to the purchaser. 20% of any net profits generated from this website will be donated to ASPCA.org and other animal welfare related projects.