If you are Christmas gift shopping for one (or many) cat lovers, just follow my blog and you will never run out of ideas for unique and delightful cat themed gifts. It gets even easier if they are into wine as well as cats! Here are my Top 10 favourite picks for cat and wine lovers. You can gift them individually or better yet, as a combo. Or like my wife, just buy almost every single item on the list for yourself 🤣.

10. Tooarts Cat Shaped Wine Holder

You can use a regular wine holder, or even no holder. But there’s something special about a cat hugging a bottle of your favourite cabernet when you get home from work. This one is heavy, has a high quality build and finish and really improves the kitchen decor. Just note that it only fits regular sized bottles.


Buy it here at Amazon.

9. YunKo QUTE Cat Cup Mat Silicone Rubber Coasters

This set of 6 Japanese style silicone cat coasters will have your drinking guests purring in delight. You might have to keep some extras on hand to replace those that they take home. Plus point – The designs are all different so that you can easily recognize your own glass. I won’t ever go back to using regular coasters again.


Buy it here at Amazon.

8. Cat Wine Tool Set By Wooden Accessories Company

This tool set features a wine stopper to prevent air exposure, a wine pourer stopper to aerate your wine while pouring, a drip-stop ring and a corkscrew with integrated bottle opener and foil cutter. Oh, and it comes beautifully packaged in a round wooden case with a laser engraved cat on top. You can pay an extra 10 bucks for personalization and get your name laser engraved.


Buy it here at Etsy.

7. Fred WINE LIVES Kitty Drink Markers, Set of 6

These cuddly silicone cats wrap around your wine glass stem so that no one has to figure out which glass belongs to whom. The only time they failed me was when I had a few colorblind guests at the same time. Nevertheless, they still add a funky and charming aesthetic to parties.


Buy it here on Amazon.

6. Cat Wine Cork Holder By Tooarts

Like when Steve Jobs first unveiled the Ipad, I never knew I needed a cat wine cork holder made out of iron until I saw this one by Tooarts. It’s 100% handmade, very nicely finished and will last a lifetime.


Buy it here on Amazon.

5. Wine Cats (Hardcover)

If you’ve ever visited wineries or breweries, you’ll likely have seen an extended family of furry friends roaming around providing extra warmth, security and even pest control. This is a beautiful hardcover coffee (wine?) table book showcasing cats living in their wineries interspersed with short essays from popular wine writers. A heaven sent book during these pandemic times that makes you want to travel again. And drink more wine. All cat and wine lovers would rejoice at receiving this.


Buy it here on Amazon.

4. Cat Wine Bottle Holder

Like #10 on this list, it’s a cat, it’s hand-painted and it holds one bottle. This polyresin version also is guaranteed to delight any guest seeing it in action for the first time. Cute and whimsical, it’s perfect for regular sized bottles, but larger ones may not fit.


Buy it here on Amazon.

3. Black Cat Winery Salem Art Print Poster

Everyone needs some wine decor in their kitchen or home bar. Short of getting something commissioned by an artist, this quality art print adds a nice touch and really elevates the ambiance. I would say just go for the print and get it framed yourself, but if you opt for the framed version, it’s decent enough for the price.


Buy it here on Amazon.

2. Set Of 4 Stemless Cat Wine Glasses

I’m not at the stage of chugging wine straight out of a bottle like some TV chefs or drinking it out of paper cups like in Sideways. Yet. So, for the time being, these stemless glasses are my go to for enjoying some Pinot. They are made of good thick food-grade borosilicate, dishwasher safe and 100% manufactured in the USA. At least one set belongs in every cat and wine lover’s kitchen.


Buy it here on Amazon.

1. TrueZoo Cat Corkscrew

If you don’t need a wine tool set like #8, then just get this cool black corkscrew. It has a nice solid build, fits all regular sized bottles and the easy twist design just works as advertised. The soft touch black finish is classy and will enrich your kitchen decor.


Buy it here on Amazon.

*Please note that if you purchase via my links sometimes I receive an affiliate commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support, and happy shopping! – Leonard

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