Incense is great for many reasons. You can use it to quickly change up your home’s fragrances, use it for relaxation or meditation and also to accompany a yoga or workout session. For these reasons, incense combined with cat incense holders (burners) also make great gifts.

Safety is extremely important when burning any type of incense. The right equipment must be used and it should always be supervised. The risks are even higher if you have pets running around so it may be better to confine incense burning to a pet free area or room in your home.

Some prefer cone type incense and some prefer stick incense. Stick incense generally has a fuller more complex aroma and burns longer. It is also easier to light. Incense cones on the other hand can produce a strong aroma but it doesn’t linger as long. This is because a larger portion of the cones are lit at any given time versus sticks. However, cones are easier to clean up as the residue just remains on the surface of your holder whereas the stick incense will fall and might get blown around.

Just to note, most of the more advanced incense holders we picked can handle both stick and cone types. However, not all the items we’ve reviewed can do so, so make sure you don’t use the wrong holder. That said, let’s jump into the list right now!

1. The Budget Option: Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) Stick Incense Holder (2 Pcs)

This cute and simple Japanese style incense holder only takes stick incense. But for only US$ 2.87 you get 2 pieces plus free shipping (around 4-7 weeks). Very well made for the price, the ceramic feels very durable. Get it here on Aliexpress from a reputable seller.

2 & 3. Two Dual Incense Holders By Japan Incense
Caramel Cat
Black Cat

These 2 incense holders have holes for stick incense but you can also burn cone incense on the dish. Both are 100% made in Japan. The caramel cat looks really adorable while the black cat has a very modern matte black finish and looks more masculine. Caramel cat also comes in a blue colorway. They all cost the same at US$ 12 each and are available directly from the Japan Incense website here: Black / Caramel.

4. Stick Incense Dish With Metal Holder & Ceramic Cat

This is another cute Japanese cat incense holder with an option of three different cat designs to choose from. The metal incense holder comes with different size holes for different stick thicknesses and the ceramic cat can be independently positioned on the dish. The wooden dish is around 6 inches wide and is more than sufficient to catch all the ashes. Just bear in mind that you can’t burn incense cones directly on the wooden surface. Available here on Amazon for US$ 16.79.

5. Raku Pottery Incense Dish By Celestial Habit

This 4.5 inch diameter dish holder by Celestial Habit is a stunningly beautiful work of art. There are three colorways to choose from and you can burn cone incense on this dish as well. The coloring process is as glaze crackling and the process is a time consuming and unpredictable one, meaning many dishes don’t survive and are discarded. No two plates will ever be alike in color and finishing. Available here at Celestial Habit for US$ 18.95. Made in Jamul, California

6. Bast Goddess Dual Incense Holder

Take a break from cute and cuddly cat incense holders with this cool holder of Egyptian cat goddess, Bast. Also known as Bastet, she is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protects the home from evil spirits and disease, so having an incense holder in her image is a fitting tribute. Made out of resin, it holds stick incense at an angle with the hole placed near Bast’s feet, and the cone incense compartment is located at the opposite end. Get it here for US$ 21.49 on Amazon.

7. Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) Dual Incense Holder By Shoyeiko

This adorable ceramic incense burner is 100% made and hand painted in Japan. It takes both cone and stick incense. The cat figurine acts as a cover – it is hollow and slightly under 4 inches tall. Place it over the lighted incense so that it burns safely and releases the incense smoke without being exposed. This is our second favorite luxury holder, only slightly bested by the Nippon Kodo holder, but that’s just our subjective opinion. Available here on Amazon for US$ 39.75.

8. Ceramic Dual Incense Holder By Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo is a household name for most incense lovers. They have a long heritage in artisanal incense making (since 1575!) and it would be an understatement to say that they really take it seriously. From their basic range to their superior limited editions, there’s something for everyone. This is their deluxe cat incense holder and it looks perfect (or rather, purrfect). It takes both stick and cone incense. At around 4 inches tall, it doesn’t take up much space and is quite small. If using longer incense sticks, just break them up to fit. In our opinion? In our opinion, this is as good as it gets – the creme de la creme. Although not a limited edition, stocks are limited as Nippon Kodo doesn’t mass produce them. Available here on Amazon for US$ 30.

Purchasing Incense To Go With Your Holder

For first timers, we suggest you go with some simple stick incense from Nippon Kodo. Just pick any fragrance you like from their Morning Star or Kayuragi ranges. We especially recommend the Kayuragi if you’re giving them as gifts. They have a really wonderful fragrance and amazing packaging, and do not contain wooden cores. Visit the Nippon Kodo store on Amazon here.

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