Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves as a survival mechanism. They make awesome house plants because of the following reasons:

  • They are robust and can thrive even in dry conditions
  • They also don’t require constant watering or fertilizing
  • They tend to grow proportionately to the size of their planters

When you build up a collection with a lot of different varieties of succulents, you can display them like little artworks in a mini-museum. That said, let’s look at the best cat themed succulent planters for your home. Get ready for some serious cuteness overload.

1. Ceramic Chubby Cat By Barruntando Ceramica

Barruntando Ceramica hails from Avilés (Spain) but they were actually formed by a group of women from all over the country who were united in their passion for ceramics. Each piece is around 3 inches tall, handmade out of white earthenware, handpainted and then finished with a lead-free boracic glaze. If you’re buying it for that special feline lover in your life, they’ve got you covered with gift-wrapping services. Custom designs also available for an additional fee. $51.81 per planter, available on their Etsy store.

2. Barruntando Ceramica Personalized Planter

They get another deserved spot on this list for their long planter, which is custom painted according to a photograph you send them along with the wording. So what you’re getting for less than $75 is a one-off piece of world-class ceramic art. No wonder they’re racked up close to 18,000 sales just on their Etsy store at the time of writing. Standard design starts at $63,custom is $74 on their Etsy store.

3. Owl & Pussycat Set Of 6 Planters

This set is a must-have if you’re a fan of Edward Lear’s classic romantic love poem. You get three pairs in very fun colors and they’re about 3 inches tall. They also have a small drainage hole and come with coasters to catch any excess moisture, thus making them perfect for growing happy succulents. $19.99 for the set of 6, on Amazon.

4. Set Of 3 Planters By KoolKatKoo

If you prefer a more minimalist design in white ceramic, this set of 3 planters are right up your alley. With the bamboo saucer they are about 2.6 inches high and 3.2 inches wide. Durable and heavy, they are incredible value for money as well, since you’re getting three for the price of one. $16.99 for set of 3, available on Amazon.

5. KoolKatKoo Wide Planter

Like Barruntando, KoolKatKoo also gets a second item on the list because they have a minimalist and wide planter (8 inch diameter), so go ahead and create your succulent mash up masterpiece using the planter as your canvas. As in the image, it’s wide enough to prevent overcrowding (succulents tend to play well together anyway) and comes with a ceramic plate to catch any excess water drainage. $20.99, available on Amazon.

6. Orange Tabby 3 Legged Planter

Not to be outmatched, Toronto based Beardbangs has this great looking quirky and contemporary succulent planter that looks like a piece of art. They come with drainage holes (a must!) and also have saucers that are sold separately if you’re displaying them on delicate surfaces. This one is a bit pricier, but well worth every cent. $39.32, available from their Etsy store.

7. Creature Series By Lush Succulents Australia

This list would not be complete without this series from Lush Succulents (Melbourne, Australia). They come with drainage holes but also include a rubber stopper for more options. This is a cat-themed blog but we must say that the other animals in the series are extremely cute as well. $18.29 each on their Etsy store.

8. Yellow Cat Planter By Succulent Gardens

This is one of the more unique designs on the list with a striking colorway and heart shaped eyes. The others in the series are just as lovely and cute, and all of them have a more outdoorsy rustic feel to them. 100% handmade and handpainted in China. $25 each, available on their Etsy store.

9. Tall Planter By Lush Succulents Australia

Most of the items on this list fall roughly into the standard height (roughly 3 inches) for succulent pots. Inject some variety into your collection with these 7 inch pots. You don’t have to worry about water damage on your surfaces since this one doesn’t have a drainage hole. It isn’t crucial in this case since it’s so tall. $22.11 on their Etsy store.

10. Kawaii Cat Series Planters

This unique, quirky and highly detailed series of planters definitely forced their way into the list, all the way from Singapore. Their five designs are gluttonous cat, carrot cat, goodnight cat, party cat and gardening cat. All 100% hand-made and hand-painted. Do note that the planting area is much smaller than regular pots due to the design. Don’t try to resist, just get them all. Now. $17.03 each on their Etsy Store.

11. Cat Grass Planter By Window Garden

Yes, this beautiful planter was designed for cat grass, but it works perfectly for succulents as well. Window Garden is a real family owned business based out of a farm in Connecticut USA. This one is 4.5 inches wide and about 4.25 inches deep. It comes in awesome packaging complete with wheatgrass seeds and fiber soil – so it makes a great gift as well! There are a few designs to choose from; they’re all adorable. $19.99 each, available on Amazon.

12. Succulent Planter By MrsBiscuitArt

We really scoured the entire globe to bring you this list and here is THE luxury entry, straight from Poland. The gold stars are painted using real 22k gold (!) When you want something that stands out above the crowd, this will do the job. Just make sure to keep them indoors so the neighbors aren’t tempted to steal them. A glamorous must-have for the serious collector. $55.46 on their Etsy store.

13. Relaxing Cat Planter By YOHO Boutique

This is another value option that features a cat lying on it’s side in a relaxing pose. If you have many pots and they’re all wild and colorful then this is a great minimalist and clean option to balance it all out. It’s cute yet let’s the plants take centerstage. Ships from China so expect up to 5 weeks for delivery, but for the price it’s definitely worth it. $12.45 on their Etsy store.

14. Made To Order Planter

Mante Ceramics from Lithuania takes about two weeks to manufacture the pot from scratch upon receiving your order. 100% handmade and handpainted, they use 18k gold lustre for that extra zing and it really shows. The artwork has a tonne of personality and it also has some vibes of the style of the legendary children’s illustrator Quentin Blake, if we do say so ourselves. $22.18 on their Etsy store.

15. Blue Planters By Gifts Miniature Garden

You don’t usually see blue cat planters. And most sellers will not include the succulent itself in the package. Well, GMG is one of the few who does both, meaning upon arrival the planters already make the purrfect gift! Yes, you read that right, they provide the succulent plant as well. Available in two designs which are blushing cat and cat with whiskers. $25.00 each on their Etsy store.

16. Hanging Planter By Fun Succulents

This is the only hanging planter on the list and it really screams fun. Kitty looks at you nonchalantly while it hangs on to the rope with all four paws. Definitely a keeper that will delight all your houseguests. Not sure what your cats will think about this though. Usually $34.99, this is on offer ($29.74) at the time of writing. Grab it before the offer ends, the stocks are depleting fast. $34.99 on their Etsy store.

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