This trio of cats hail from Norway and their adventures are featured on the Instagram page @We.Are.Chilipepper. With the use of pet GPS trackers, the cats are allowed to roam freely both indoors and outdoors. When the outdoors are Scandinavian forests, you can imagine how special this Instagram page is.

The owners are Camilla and Sondre and they take all the photographs. The cats have names related to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is Sondre’s favorite band.

Pepper was the first cat that Camilla and Sondre adopted . He’s a 3 year old Norwegian forest cat and is described as the ‘calm and wise one’. We have to say he’s totally comfortable in his element and is incredibly photogenic.

Next up is Chili, a 3 year old female Bengal, who is known as the outgoing adventurous one. Her owners decided to get a Pepper a companion so that he wouldn’t be lonely when they were away at work.

Finally, the latest addition to the household is Limo (named after lemon drop pepper), a 2 year old female Maine Coon. She loves dressing up and is just adorable.

Together, they are known as the Spicy Trio. Check them out!

Their Instagram page currently does not sell any prints or collectibles, although some of the posts are sponsored or contain product ads. Your best bet would be to contact them directly if you wish to purchase any prints. We think it’s just a matter of time before they start releasing merchandise or prints, and we will definitely update when that happens. Their Instagram is relatively new, having started in 2018, and they have already amassed almost 100k followers since then, with close to 1000 posts.

Alternatively, we recommend using free stock images from websites like Pexels, where you can use searches like ‘outdoor cat’ or to get the closest matches. You can download high resolution images and then have them printed and framed as you like.

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