Natalia Shaloshvili is an artist who specializes in children’s book illustrations. She also has her own website where she sells her original art and prints. If you’re looking for some fine art (cat themed, of course!) that’s beautifully painted, family friendly and adorable, then you should definitely check out her work. As usual, I’ve selected our favorites from her Instagram account Nataly_Owl to showcase to all our readers.

Most of her prints start from US$ 48 onwards while her originals start from US$ 200 plus and up. For the prints, you can also choose from textured fine art paper or for a little more money, a canvas reproduction. The originals are always painted using acrylic on fine art canvas (unless stated otherwise). Generally the prints are between A4-A3 paper sizes with more squarish dimensions. Worldwide shipping is free.

While not outrageous, the pricing can be considered to be on the premium side, since the prints are not limited editions and the original pieces are also sold as prints. Another reason might be because shipping has been factored into products individually. However, there are always seasonal discounts and coupons on Natalia’s website. At the time of writing, her summer sale is ongoing with the code WOW20 which gives 20% off all prints. For the quality and originality of the artwork, I would not hesitate purchasing a print (or prints) that I really like.

As for the originals, all the cat themed ones are always sold out quickly as the demand is high. Good luck getting any! We must point out that although the originals are real treasures, if they are meant for display they would need to be kept in the proper environments with regards to humidity and sunlight exposure. Otherwise they might get damaged and not last as long. For the general person, our advice is stick to the prints. If you specialize in collecting original art, you wouldn’t be taking advice from us anyway 🤣. All this feels like a moot point, though, since there are hardly any left available at the time of writing. But still, happy hunting! Of course it’s not supposed to be easy, part of the joy comes from the long slow process of getting hold of something that’s hard to obtain.

By the way, she has also released a children’s book in Russian, and it’s much easier to obtain. It’s available on Amazon here. It’s titled Sharf Dlja Khvosta, which loosely translates to A Scarf For The Tail, and features 24 pages of her artwork for US$ 26 (hardcover).

The five paintings above are my personal favorites and I feel like they would make a really beautiful set if displayed together around my dining room/kitchen area.

Part of her official website bio reads: ‘Her characters are cute, calm, humble and amusing, living their ordinary lives in a strange and curious world out there.’ What a beautifully concise description for her wonderful and uplifting art.

Do you agree?

Natalia Shaloshvili lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia with her husband, daughter and a cat.

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