Anne Mortimer has been painting and illustrating animals for more than thirty years, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Although her fame is mainly due to her cat illustrations, she can (and has!) painted pretty much any creature including butterflies, foxes, swans, hares, deer and birds just to name a few. She also paints a lot of flowers and natural landscapes. Many of these feature as the background of her animal art too. Her passion and strong connection to wildlife and nature are very apparent. You can also see this in her studio, where she is surrounded by plants and accompanied by her cat Mij.

A lot of her work has been published in children’s books such as The Owl And The Pussycat, Sneakers The Seaside Cat and A Pussycat’s Christmas. You can also purchase her limited edition prints from her website.

These aren’t your regular cute and cartoony doodles that can be completed in one sitting. They are more like fine art pieces with a fantasy feel, and the more elaborate ones can take upwards of two weeks for a single painting! We’re big fans of hers at Cats&Collectibles and today we’ve selected our favorites from her Instagram.

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