Dishcloths and tea towels are basically just fabrics with creative and colorful prints on them. As such, they are very collectable. Today we are going to look at five unique and inexpensive options (my favorite picks) My personal rule is to buy 3 of each: one to use, one to keep and one to give as a gift. Let’s get started!

1. Nawrap Japanese Printed Dishcloth

This is a 6 ply traditional Japanese weave dishcloth with a black cat and pawprints graphic that was made in Nara, the historic city of temples. The material seems stiff at first but the magic happens when they soften once in contact with water. Size is roughly 5×6 inches so they are smaller than their traditional western counterparts. $8.45 on Amazon

2. Made from Scratch Cat Kitchen Towel

The Kitchen Towel Company is based in Scottsdale Arizona and their products are 100% made in USA. This one is made out of cotton and features a cute cat plus some hilarious (some say punny) text. This one is roughly 10×10 inches. $11.99 on Etsy

3. Black Cat Tea Towel By Freckled Fuchsia

Freckled Fuchsia creates their 100% cotton black cat towel from hand block printed patterns, and then transferred to the fabric with screen printing methods using eco-friendly water based inks. Made in Portland, Maine. $18 for a single piece or a set of 3 for $49, available on Etsy

4. The Cat’s Meow Swedish Dishcloth

Now Designs is a Vancouver based company that has a distinct European design aesthetic, which is understandable since Danica Imports that they merged with in 2004 has been bringing in European kitchenware to the North American market since 1964. Their Cat’s Meow Swedish dishcloth is a blend of cellulose and cotton and is around 8×6.5 inches in size. As a dishcloth, it does not perform as well as the Nawrap (it’s not even close) but as a collectible, the design is awesome and you get two for the price of one. Set of 2 for $11.49, available on Amazon

5. Set Of 3 Cat Print Dishcloths

This set of 3 fully cotton dishcloths feature really attractive and modern graphics. DII designs has made them in a larger size of 18×28 inches for all your kitchen drying needs. They are slightly on the thin side so should be treated gently in order to preserve the prints. Still great value at only $11.99 for the set of 3, available on Amazon

So there, I never realized that even the humble dishcloth could be collectable until I saw these designs. They are neither valuable nor limited editions, but they will spark joy in any cat lover’s heart.

P/S: I guess there are people out there collecting almost every household kitchenware you could think of. Someone even turned 15,000 pieces of chopstick wrappers into a full-blown art exhibition.

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